What is the Signature project ?

It is a new concept imagined and designed by Jordan Victoria. The idea behind this signature is to create a brand for magicians including deck of cards, hoodies, magic products and more.

The Signature deck - first edition is only the beginning of this incredible journey ! More decks are coming is the near future with limited quantities.


Limited decks - why ?

We want these decks to be available only for a few magicians/cardists all around the world. 

2500 of the First edition where printed but only 1000 of the Second one. Trust us - these are very very small quantities...


Do you ship Worldwide ?

We do ! We are located in France and we can ship to Europe / Rest of the world.

We are happy to collaborate with the Gamblers Warehouse for US and Canada orders.

European orders will be sent from our office here in France.


Is there a tracking number with my order ?

Yes. No matter if you buy one deck or 24 - no matter where you live - you'll receive by e-mail your tracking number.

How long does it takes to arrive ?

It really depends of where you live but here are approximate delays :

France : 2-3 days.

USA : 3-5 days.

Europe : 3-5 days.

Rest of the World : 8-10 days.