Signature Deck - Second Edition



One year and half after the beginning of our Signature collection - we're back !

The First Edition of our Signature Deck has been sold all around the world and is now in the hands of thousands magicians and cardists (and we're pretty happy of that !).

This time the deck is limited to 1000 decks ONLY.

We will be honest with you : 1000 decks is a very small quantity...

The spirit of the Signature brand is simple : having friends using the same items (for the moments we only focus on playing cards) all around the world. But we want this to be reserved to a few people, not thousand and thousands. That's the main reason of the quantity for this Second Edition.

We also changed our way to ship the deck : 

All the orders placed from the USA, Canada and Mexico will be shipped by Gambler Warehouse. They ship thousands decks every year and we are happy to collaborate with them !

For all the other countries, we will ship them from our office here in France.

  • Printed by the USPCC
  • Limited to 1000 decks ONLY.
  • Comes with 2 Jokers, a gaff card and a special card (2 effects taught)
  • Design and concept by Jordan Victoria